Manufacturing and workforce skills training aligned with real jobs.

There’s only three places people can get skills training,
and we serve them all.


Non-credit and credit, short-term, skills training that links directly to local employment needs.


Short-term, skills training that aligns with open positions, decreases onboarding expenses, and reduces turnover.


WIOA-aligned, short-term, skills training that aligns with the needs of employers in your region.

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Partners of 180 Skills are

  • Providing high-quality skills training in a flexible and responsive manner
  • Helping non-traditional learners access skills training
  • Preparing for current and future labor market challenges
  • Implementing new training programs quickly
  • Offering industry-aligned credentials
  • Upskilling incumbent workers
  • Filling open manufacturing jobs

Jobs our partners fill everyday

Aerospace Manufacturing
Automotive Manufacturing
CNC Machining
Composites Manufacturing
Factory Automation
Health & Safety
Industrial Maintenance
Production Technician
Quality Assurance
Tool & Die Making


Million pages of content delivered


Million test questions delivered


Completion Rates


Placement Rates


Learners served

Job openings vastly outnumber unemployed workers.

Many experts and industry leaders have attributed this problem to the mismatch between the skills that workers possess and the competencies employers need.

Addressing the Employment Challenge –
American Enterprise Institute, March 2019

Everything you need to deliver skills training

Skills courses

Our skills course library has over 700 competency-based, courses in 38 competency areas.


Each skills course has a post-course assessment to ensure mastery is achieved.

study guides

We provide study guides for each skills course to ensure student success.

Instructor Training Plans

Instructor training plans are provided so you can perform on-site, hands-on training.

Certification Testing

We have 12 career programs aligned with industry-recognized certifications.

Partners who believe in our skills training solutions

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Join innovative manufacturers, educators, and workforce professionals who have transformed their talent development strategy with our manufcturing skills training.
“We had our own apprentice instructors and staff members test drive the 180 Skills system before making the investment. It was a unanimous decision! 180 Skills was far superior to any other program we had used in the past.”

Joe O’Brien, SPHR/GPHR
Director of Human Resources – Oberg Industries

“As someone who previously taught higher education, you can count me amongst the group of people who has maintained a consistent doubt about the quality of education received through a virtual classroom, however I have been converted.”

Scott Mills
Data and Policy Analyst, Adult Education, Indiana Department of Workforce Development

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for your continued support. For us it is literally one student at a time, changing the trajectory of their family tree.”

“180 Skills is an invaluable partner in making that happen. We are so grateful for your willingness to sustain this project.”

Sharon Johnston
Director, College and Career Prep Kentucky Adult Education Skills U Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education

“I think that pretty much every section is useful to almost everyone, I found some of the sections a nice refresher of things I knew but either was not utilizing or have forgotten. I also learned a few things I did not know.”

Frank Falcone
Custom Rubber Corp

Our social mission

180 Skills offers manufacturing skills training to underserved and underrepresented people, helping them to have a better life.

We believe that life is a journey that requires skills and that skills training should be there when it’s needed.

Everyone should have access to the skills they need to get a better job and increase their career opportunities, no matter what their current social or economic status might be.

Skills to pay the bills

For every new partner, we will donate five user licenses to nonprofit organizations who help veterans, at-risk youth, and the homeless.


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It’s time to solve your manufacturing workforce talent problem once and for all.