Manufacturing skills training aligned with real manufacturing jobs

Manufacturing skills training

Short-term, manufacturing skills training that links directly to local employment needs

Our manufacturing skills training system enables employers, educators, and workforce professionals to deliver, on-demand, high-quality, low-cost, manufacturing skills training.

Created with employers, our manufacturing skills training solutions delivers the competencies needed to succeed in a manufacturing career.

From online learning to hands-on instruction, we provide all the tools you need to create, grow and retain a skilled workforce.

Innovative manufacturers, educators, and workforce professionals are creating skilled workers with the 180 Skills Training System

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We serve anyone who teaches manufacturing skills

180 Skills stands in the middle of the career and technical education ecosystem.

We deliver online skills training that expands the education capacity of every access point for manufacturing skills training.

Whether you’re an employer, educator, or workforce development professional, we check every box on your education to employment checklist:

  • Competency-based
  • Self-paced
  • Employer-aligned
  • Academic-aligned
  • Credential opportunities

It's All About Access

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Employers need manufacturing skills training solutions that enable them to create, grow, and retain their skilled workforce.

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Educators need competency-based, manufacturing skills training solutions that demonstrate high completion rates and offer more flexible options for nontraditional students.

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Workforce system education providers need lower-cost manufacturing skills training programs that increase completion rates and satisfy the new WIOA IET requirements.

The key to growing a skilled workforce is increasing access to skills training

76 million people lack the skills to make more than $22k

240,000 employers can’t find skilled workers

What if…

you could make skills training accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere?

Now you can

Help us give back to make the world a better place, one skill at a time

Our social mission

180 Skills offers manufacturing skills training to underserved and underrepresented people, helping them to have a better life.

We believe that life is a journey that requires skills and that skills training should be there when it’s needed.

Everyone should have access to the skills they need to get a better job and increase their career opportunities, no matter what their current social or economic status might be.

SKills to Pay the Bills

For every new employer partner, we will donate five user licenses to nonprofit organizations who help veterans, at-risk youth, and the homeless.

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180 Skills welcomes Oberg Industries

180 Skills is pleased to welcome Oberg Industries to the our family of employer partners. Oberg and 180 Skills have partnered to expand the capacity of the Oberg CNC apprenticeship programs, and to offer both new and veteran employees enhanced training options that will help them get up to speed quicker than traditional training methods. Oberg is a leader in […]

Spirit AeroSystems launches innovative, no-cost, workforce development program in Kansas

Through a grant provided by the Kansas Department of Commerce, Spirit AeroSystems has joined with the Workforce Centers of South Central Kansas, 180 Skills and Hutchinson Community College (HCC) to offer a training pathway for a full-time employment opportunity at Spirit AeroSystems as an Assembly Mechanic. Anyone who thinks they have what it takes to work at Spirit can enroll […]

Training Employees So They Don’t Leave For A Few Dollars More Somewhere Else

Joe Kitterman, founder and CEO of 180 Skills, explains to co-hosts Lew Weiss and Tim Grady the need for training employees so they don’t leave for a few dollars more somewhere else. The key to a more skilled employee is for the employee to do a 180 and head in a new direction for their career path, and for the […]

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