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Who We Are

180 Skills is an online career and technical education experience that fills the skills gap and gets the job. Done.

What We Do

We make and deliver technical education that helps people get great careers in the shortest amount of time at the lowest possible expense.

Education Experience

90% completion rates for over seven years.

Our history of maintaining 90% completion rates is proof of the quality of our content. That’s why we call it an education experience.

All of our skills courses are hand-crafted to deliver an education experience.

There’s no video, no PowerPoint, no passive reading or listening that others call online learning.

We take time to create photo-realistic illustrations, animations, and simulations that immerse the student in the subject and ensure they achieve mastery.

Our goal is to make every student an evangelist for online education.

Technical education

180 Skills is the industry standard for simulation-based, online technical education.

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Competency-based education eliminates all excuses and fills the skills gap

Competency-based education = employability

180 Skills is the only competency-based skills education company for the advanced manufacturing industry.

Our library of over 700 competency-based skills courses can be organized into learning paths that include the exact number of competencies to achieve occupational or academic goals.

Nothing more and nothing less.

Competency-based education means failure is a thing of the past

In a competency-based program, mastery of skills is the measure of success, not time spent in a classroom.

Because there’s no time limit on our courses, students can persist until they achieve mastery.

Great Careers

Technical education students

90% placement rates – 7,000 great careers and counting.

Working with schools and companies, our graduates have enjoyed placement rates of over 90%.

We have helped over 7,000 people get great careers at more than 150 world-class companies including The Boeing Company, Learjet, Bombardier, and Honda Aircraft.

Low Cost

Access to high quality education doesn’t have to be expense

180 Skills is a leader in the high-quality, low-cost education disruption.

The cost of education creates a constraint for schools, companies and individuals. High cost means education gets consumed at a slower, as-you-can-afford-it pace.

Our enterprise pricing model makes education accessible to everyone, all the time at a fraction of the cost of other education providers.

Low cost technical education

Industry and Academic Alignment

Industry and academic approved technical education

Who better to define the real jobs.

All of our skills courses are created with industry and academic input.

Industry partners define the competencies.
This means that our skills courses always align with real careers.

We seek input from academic partners to ensure they also meet academic standards.

Every skills course in our library is recognized as credit-worthy by our college partners.

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