700 Technical and Soft Skills Courses

Our course library of 700+ high-quality, low-cost, online career & technical education skills courses makes closing the manufacturing skills gap easy for employers, educators and workforce professionals.

Online career & technical education that works for manufacturers

180 Skills is a complete education solution

Complete education solution

From online to hands-on, we’ve got every manufacturing training need covered

The 180 Skills learning system is a comprehensive, career & technical education solution for the manufacturing industry.

We enable employers, educators, and workforce professionals to deliver, on-demand, high-quality, low-cost, career & technical education.

From online learning to hands-on training, our learning system provides all the tools you need to create, grow and retain a skilled workforce.

High-quality and Low-cost

Cost is no longer a barrier to great education

180 Skills is committed to making high quality, online career & technical education available at the lowest possible cost.

Access for all is important to us

Our low-cost, enterprise pricing makes it possible for organizations of every size, large or small, to deliver great education to their employees and students.

Low cost online career & technical education

700+ skills courses in 34 competency topics

606 technical skills courses / 106 baseline & soft skills courses

How this works

How this works for employers

Sign up

Sign up for the enterprise subscription plan that’s based upon the number of employees or students in your organization.

Build learning paths

Our implementation team will help you organize skills courses into learning paths that align with your learning goals.

Enroll students

Enroll your employees or students into the learning paths and skills courses you need them to master.

Launch your learning system

We give you the keys to the learning system and high-quality, low-cost, training on-demand becomes a reality for your organization.

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Learning Paths

Learning paths make competency-based education work

A learning path is a group of skills courses organized to align with a learning outcome.

Learning paths enable you to “drag-and-drop” any combination of skills courses into programs that achieve your learning goals. There’s no limit to the number of learning paths you can create.

Learning paths also enable “one-click” student enrollments into multi-course programs.

Take a look below at the types of learning paths our partners create to help achieve their organizational goals.

Learning Paths - online career & technical education

The 180 Skills Learning Management System

Subscribers get access to the 180 Skills Learning Management System (LMS)

Every subscribing organization gets the following learning management system features:

  • Access to all 700 of our competency-based Skills Courses
  • A private team space on the LMS
  • The ability to enroll your own students
  • The ability to create your own sub-teams
  • Dashboard view of your learners
  • Progress reporting on your organization’s teams
  • Corporate branding with your logo*

In a matter of minutes your organization can have its own online university.

Our content can also be delivered to any LMS via the SCORM standard.

* branding requires additional implementation fees

180 Skills Learning Management System

180 Skills is accredited by the Office of Career and Technical Schools of the State of Indiana