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Education in a box

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Sign up for our enterprise subscription plan. Subscribers get access to our entire skills course library for as low as $7.00 per employee or student per month.

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Enroll your employees or students into the Learning Paths. Grow their technical, social, safety and quality skills.

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Watch as your employees add great value to your organization and students get great careers.

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Education “in a box”

Six components in our education in a box

Education “in a box” means that we deliver everything you need to take your employees or students from the street to a career and beyond.

Each competency-based course has six components that are assembled together when a learning path is created.

They are all included in our “education in a box”.


Component 1  education in a boxPre-learning assessment

Determines a student’s strengths, weakness, knowledge, and skills prior to instruction.

Component 2  education in a boxInteractive content

Interactive, simulation-based content that immerses the student in the subject-matter.

Component 3  education in a boxStudent study guides

Student study guides help the student prepare for the assessment and certification exams.

Component 4  education in a boxPost learning assessment

Post-learning assessments ensure mastery is achieved by everyone. Students can take the assessments multiple times until they achieve a 100% passing score.

Component 5  education in a boxCertification exam testing

Where skills certification is required, we can create certification exams that align with the learning path.

Component 6  education in a boxHands-on training guides

The final step in the learning process is hands-on application of knowledge. Our hands-on training guides give precise instructions for the hands-on training component.

Learning Paths

Education in a box learning Paths
Learning paths are groups of competency-based skills courses that are aligned with occupational standards.

Learning paths deliver the mastery of technical skills needed to achieve employer or educator learning outcomes.

They also help develop essential non-technical skills like listening, conflict resolution, relationship-building and group dynamics, that make your employees invaluable members of highly collaborative teams.

Our library of over 700 competency-based skills courses can be organized into an infinite number of learning paths to achieve short and long-term goals.

Employer Learning Paths

Pre-hire training

Organize skills courses to prepare job-seekers with the exact competencies they will need before they start employment.

Post hire training

Organize skills courses to help your employees move up in the organization. Remove the barriers caused by time and resource constraints.

Employee enrichment and retention

The remainder of our skills courses can be offered to your employees as a benefit to help them improve their skills over time.

Educator learning paths

Academic programs

Integrate skills courses into your academic programs to offer students additional learning options.

Workforce programs

Organize skills courses to align with regional occupational training needs.

Business and industry programs

Offer your local businesses learning paths that align with the needs of their companies including pre and post-hire education.

Workforce learning paths

Veterans   education in a boxVeterans

Online learning offers veterans and exiting military personnel the flexibility they need to prepare for careers after their service to our country.

Youth   education in a boxYouth

Deliver workforce preparation education to out-of-school youth ages 16-24.

Adult education education in a boxAdult Education – IET

Learning paths are a proven solution for IET requirements.

Displaced worker education in a boxDisplaced Workers

Organize learning paths to retrain workers who have or are going to lose their current employment.

Corrections   education in a boxCorrections

Use learning paths to prepare institutionalized individuals for re-entry into the workforce.

Learning paths are stackable

Learning paths are stackable

Many of the required Skills Courses may be used in multiple learning paths. Should your employee or student decide to enroll in a second learning path, many of the requirements will already be completed.

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