Employer solutions

We enable employers to deliver consistent, on-demand, high-quality, low-cost, career & technical education 24/7 to all of their employees.

The 180 Skills complete solution includes every employer training need from skills education to hands-on application.

Our skills course library can be organized into learning paths that deliver pre-hire training, post-hire training, employee advancement training, technical awareness training, and soft skills training.

Employer problems we solve

Can’t find skilled workers

Grow your own skilled workforce with pre-hire learning paths that align with your entry-level requirements.

No time for training

180 Skills courses can be delivered 24/7 in 70%+ less time than traditional training saving you time and money.

Training is expensive

Our enterprise pricing makes it possible to deliver training for a fraction of the cost.

Employee turnover is high

Our all-access model enables you to offer unlimited education as an employee benefit to improve retention.

Soft skills training

Baseline skills courses can be used to raise the non-technical skills of your entire organization.

Limited training resources

Our complete solution delivers 24/7 access to 700+ skills courses, assessments, certification exams and hands-on training guides.

Employee advancement

Create and use “Upskill” learning paths to raise the skill level of your incumbent employees.

Schools don’t teach the skills we need

Use our skills courses to fill the academic skills gap.

Our problem solving tools

Skills courses

You get access to all of the competency-based skills courses in our library including

  • soft skills
  • safety skills
  • quality skills
  • technical skills

You will also get access to every new course we create.

Skills courses can be delivered stand-alone on-demand or combined into learning paths.

Your learning goals

Your learning goals are the heart of how this works.

Learning goals can include

  • Pre-hire training
  • Job descriptions
  • Employee advancement training
  • Compliance training
  • Organization wide training goals

Learning paths

A learning path is a group of skills courses organized to align with your learning outcomes.

Learning paths enable you to “drag-and-drop” any combination of skills courses into programs that achieve your learning goals.

There’s no limit to the number of learning paths you can creat

Learning management system

Learning paths and skills courses are delivered on our learning management system.

You get full access to our learning management system including

  • A team space for your company
  • The ability to enroll your own users
  • Access to our learning dashboard
  • Access to progress reporting
  • The ability to create learning teams

Employer Learning Paths

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