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Skills training for workforce

Create, grow, & employ a skilled workforce with the 180 Skills Training System

Federal, state and local workforce system education providers need a skills training system that works.

Our course library of 700+ skills courses is organized to deliver WIOA and IET approved skills training programs for careers in manufacturing.
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Organize skills courses against:

  • Learning goals
  • Job descriptions

Our Skills training program can help you assist these people:

    Online learning offers veterans and exiting military personnel the flexibility they need to prepare for careers after their service to our country.
    Deliver workforce preparation education to out-of-school youth ages 16-24.
    Our Career Programs are ETPL registered and proven as an IET solution.
    Organize our courses to retrain workers who have or are going to lose their current employment.
    Use our IET approved Career Programs to prepare institutionalized individuals for re-entry into the workforce.

Joe Kitterman talks about how 180 Skills helps workforce professionals with limited resources reach more marginalized people with skills training.

Career Programs
Eligible Training Provider Approved

We have 12 Career Program learning paths that are ETPL approved in Indiana, Michigan, Missouri and South Carolina.

Career programs can be completed in three months or less with 15 hours of study per week.

Each Career Program offers the student an industry-recognized credential opportunity.

180 Skills is accredited by the Indiana Office of Career and Technical Services as an Occupational and Career School.

Download our latest Career Program Catalog

180 Skills Career Program Catalog

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