We’ve helped 18,000 people start their manufacturing careers


Since 2009, we’ve been working with manufacturers and educators to create the world’s largest library of skills training for manufacturing careers.

We make and deliver skills training for the next generation of workers for the world’s premiere aerospace, automotive, and commercial manufacturers.

We know manufacturing

As manufacturing professionals, we understand the stress that occurs when a workforce lacks the skills required to produce quality products on time.

We also understand the economic impact caused by a shortage of skilled workers.

Most importantly, we understand how difficult it is to deliver consistent skills training in a manufacturing environment.

We know education

As education and workforce development professionals, we know that preparing low-skill students for manufacturing careers that require mastery of complex concepts, processes, and equipment can be challenging.

Our award-winning content reaches learners where they are and helps them start their manufacturing careers regardless of prior educational levels.

We know it’s about access

Our library of over 700 online, interactive, competency-based skills courses solves these issues by enabling manufacturing companies, educators, and workforce professionals to make career-aligned, organized skills training accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

We believe that life is a journey that requires skills and that skills training should be there when it’s needed

Manufacturing careers

Why we do this


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Jennifer McNelly


Brenda Cooley

Cofounder, Director of External Relations

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