Dec 5 Earn-while-you-learn training provided by Wisconsin manufacturing company

Wisconsin Oven, an industrial oven manufacturer, has launched a collaboration with Gateway Technical College to set up a talent pipeline for itself, the company announced. The company has opened Wisconsin Oven Universal Training Center, where students can receive training and a paycheck. Wisconsin Oven will pay students $10 an hour while they complete their training. Wisconsin Oven will also pick up the costs of trainees’ first semester at Gateway.

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We are pleased to announce that we will be releasing new baseline skills courses for Microsoft Word in Q4, 2018. One in four job requirements in a technical job are “Baseline” skills. Baseline skills competencies cover a broad range of important, non-technical topics that are listed by employers as essential to job performance.

The current 180 Skills Course library contains 130 baseline skills courses in nine different competency topics. For more information see our latest Skills Course Catalog

Sep 13 It’s all about access

Letters from the field
Volume 2 – Number 1

It’s all about access

Give the non-traditional learner access to skills training and you’ll have all the skilled workers you need.

As you read the news that there are now more jobs than people to fill them, don’t panic. What you may not know is there are 76 million Americans who wish they had the skills to work for you.

Here are some facts that are important to understand as you make your human capital plans.

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Apr 19 Great Content Matters

Letters from the field. Volume 1, Number 0.5

Joe Kitterman – CEO 180 Skills

One year ago I attended an education technology – workforce conference called CloseIT. This is one of the premier gatherings of movers and shakers in the edtech and workforce industry. Attendees included prominent workforce professionals, the blue chip foundations, venture capital companies, publishers, and providers of education technology. The conference also presents an opportunity for education technology companies to showcase their latest offerings. Read more