Stop looking for skilled workers;
start producing them

The 180 Skills Training System
Online manufacturing training technology engineered for manufacturers


online manufacturing training


Manufacturing employers need to
create, grow, and retain skilled workers

Our online manufacturing Skills Training System includes over 700+ skills courses, a learning management system, and content organization tools that enable employers to deliver job-aligned skills training to everyone from job-seekers and new hires to skilled incumbent employees.

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Solve your biggest problem first

Create skilled workers

The number one problem facing manufacturers is creating the next-generation skilled workforce.

online manufacturing training

Online manufacturing training technology engineered for manufacturers

Our Skills Training System allows you to organize skills courses into learning paths that align with your pre-hire skills requirements.

Enroll every job-seeker into these learning paths and when they complete, you’ll know they have the skills you require for employment.

Joe Kitterman talks about how online manufacturing training helps manufacturers create, grow, and retain skilled workers.

Once you create them, keep them

Grow and retain skilled workers

online manufacturing training

Employee retention is a challenge for all manufacturers.

Show your employees the way up

The biggest reason employees leave is because they can’t get access to skills training that allows them to increase their value to the organization.

With career-aligned learning paths, your incumbent employees will never have to wait for learning opportunities. Online manufacturing training will be there when they want it or when you need them to have it.

How this works for manufacturers

1234 steps

  1. Sign up
    Choose the subscription plan that aligns with your new hire and incumbent worker training needs.
  2. Create Learning Paths
    Our implementation team will help you organize our skills courses into occupation-aligned learning paths. There is no limit to the number of learning paths you can create and deliver.
  3. Learning Management System Training
    Our implementation team will provide training on how to enroll users, create learning paths, and run reports on user progress.
  4. Launch your new online manufacturing training system
    Enroll users and deliver on-demand, high-quality skills training when and where it’s needed.

Did we mention that the content is great?

Our award-winning content engages learners of all types and gets them to mastery.

Great content - Understanding Conflict

Great content - Composite Manufacturing - Core Potting Compounds

Great content - Time Management

Great content - Robot Controllers

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All of our Skills Courses are industry-defined

Every skills course is created with industry input — who better to define the real jobs?

Industry partners define the competencies. This means that our skills courses always align with real manufacturing careers.

Graduates of our programs work at more than 150 great manufacturing companies like The Boeing Company, Bombardier, Learjet, Honda Aircraft Company, and Harley-Davidson Motor Company.

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