700 courses – 34 competency areas

Technical and soft skills

Great education for real careers

Our skills course library includes over 700 competency-based courses in 34 competency areas that will help you create technically proficient students and employees who can work on high performance teams. Our courses deliver the mastery of technical skills needed to achieve occupational learning outcomes.

They also help develop essential non-technical skills like listening, conflict resolution, relationship-building and group dynamics, that make your students and employees invaluable members of highly collaborative teams.

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The 180 education experience

All of our Skills Courses courses are hand crafted to deliver a high-quality learning experience.

There’s no video, no PowerPoint, and no passive reading or listening that others call online learning.

We take time to create photo-realistic illustrations, animations, and simulations that immerse the student in the subject and ensure they achieve mastery.

Our goal is to make every student an evangelist for online education.


180 Skills is the industry standard for simulation-based, online technical education.

Education “in a box”

Education “in a box” means that we deliver everything you need to take your employees or students from the street to a career and beyond.

Each competency-based course has six components that are assembled together when a learning path is created.

They are all included in our “education in a box”.

Pre-learning assessment

Determines a student’s strengths, weakness, knowledge, and skills prior to instruction.

Interactive content

Interactive, simulation-based content that immerses the student in the subject-matter.

Student study guides

Student study guides help the student prepare for the assessment and certification exams.

Post learning assessment

Post-learning assessments ensure mastery is achieved by everyone. Students can take the assessments multiple times until they achieve a 100% passing score.

Certification exam testing

Where skills certification is required, we can create certification exams that align with the learning path.

Hands-on training guides

The final step in the learning process is hands-on application of knowledge. Our hands-on training guides give precise instructions for the hands-on training component.

180 Skills is accredited by the Office of Career and Technical Schools of the State of Indiana

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