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Innovative manufacturers, educators, and workforce professionals have transformed their talent development strategy with the 180 Skills Training System

25 – 249 users $25 per user per month
250 – 499 users $20 per user per month
500 – 999 users $15 per user per month
1000 - 1M users Contact Us

“We  had our own apprentice instructors and staff members test drive the 180 Skills system before  making the investment. It was a unanimous decision!  180 Skills was far superior to any other program we had used in the past.”

Joe O'Brien

SPHR/GPHR Director of Human Resources, Oberg Industries

“I think that pretty much every section is useful to almost everyone, I found some of the sections a nice refresher of things I knew but either was not utilizing or have forgotten.  I also learned a few things I did not know.”

Frank Falcone

Custom Rubber Corp

“As someone who previously taught higher education, you can count me amongst the group of people who has maintained a consistent doubt about the quality of education received through a virtual classroom, however I have been converted.”

Scott Mills

Data and Policy Analyst, Adult Education, Indiana Department of Workforce Development


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It’s time to solve your manufacturing workforce talent problem once and for all.