The 180 Skills Training System

The 180 Skills Training System is a comprehensive learning solution that includes everything you need to deliver skills training to your employees and students.

Our Skills Training System includes:

  • Learning tools
  • Course delivery tools
  • Skills Training System Set Up

The 180 Skills Training System is easy to use

In less than one week, we can have your customized skills training system set up and ready to change the way you create, grow, and retain skilled talent.

Skills training System

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Learning tools

Skills courses

  • 700+ competency-based online skills courses in 34 competency areas
  • Organized into career-aligned Learning Paths
  • Technical and soft skills courses
  • Interactive, simulation-based content that immerses the student in the subject matter
  • Every skills course has a post-course assessment to ensure mastery is achieved

Student study guides

  • Every skills course has an interactive study guide to help students succeed

On-the-job training plans

  • Most of our skills course include On-the-job training plans that enable you to perform on-site, hands-on training

Certification testing

  • Our Career Program learning paths include industry-recognized certification tests

Content delivery tools

Learning management system

  • Easy to use learning management system for course delivery and student management

Private team space for your organization

  • Your organization gets its own private secure team space on the learning management system

Reporting tools

  • You get access to pre-defined or customized, user-defined student progress reports

User management tools

  • Our user account management tools make it easy to enroll new users

Skills Training System Set Up

Full service learning system implementation

  • Skills course organization into Learning Paths that are aligned with your learning goals
  • Dedicated implementation specialists
  • Learning management system training for your staff
  • Onsite or web-based implementation options
  • Full implementation in less than two weeks

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