The 180 Skills Training System

The 180 Skills Training System is a comprehensive learning solution engineered to deliver skills training to your employees and students.

Our Skills Training System includes

  • 700+ Skills courses
  • Full-service Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Skills course organization

Getting started is easy

In less than one week, we can have your customized skills training system setup and ready to change the way you create, grow, and retain skilled talent.

No more waiting for skills training

The 180 Skills Training System enables you to deliver on-demand skills training, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Skills Training System

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Join the skills training revolution

Innovative manufacturers, educators, and workforce professionals have transformed their talent development strategy with the 180 Skills Training System.

Learning tools

Skills courses

Student study guides

  • Student study guides to help students succeed

On-the-job training plans

  • Most of our skills course include On-the-job training plans that enable you to perform on-site, hands-on training

Certification testing

  • Our Career Program learning paths include industry-recognized certification tests

Course delivery tools

Learning management system

  • Easy to use learning management system for course delivery and student management

Private team space for your organization

  • Your organization gets its own private secure team space on the learning management system

Reporting tools

  • You get access to pre-defined or customized, user-defined student progress reports

User management tools

  • Our user account management tools make it easy to enroll new users

Training System Setup

Skills course organization

  • We help you organize skills courses into Learning Paths that are aligned with your learning goals

Full service learning system implementation

  • We provide dedicated implementation specialists
  • We train your staff on how to use the Learning management system
  • Onsite or web-based implementation options
  • Full implementation in less than one week

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Student success begins with great content

Our award-winning content engages learners of all types and gets them to mastery.

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