Great content matters

Our history of maintaining 90 percent completion rates for more than eight years is proof that great content matters when it comes to student outcomes.

Great content is like a great teacher — great teachers inspire you to want to learn

180 Skills courses are rich with photo-realistic illustrations, animations, and simulations to make sure every student enjoys learning and, more importantly, completes and attains mastery.

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Great content gets the learner to the finish line

90% completion rate

Great content engages the learner and makes them want to turn the page and see what’s next.

Our ability to capture the heart and mind of the student is what drives our extraordinary completion rates.

If you want to get the most from your investment in training, great content matters.

Click on the images below to see what great content looks like.

Great content - Understanding Conflict

Great content - Composite Manufacturing - Core Potting Compounds

Great content - Time Management

Great content - Robot Controllers

Great content - Aircraft Structures - Stringers

Great content - Precision Measurement - Micrometers

Great content - Teamwork

Great content - Hydraulic Control Valves

Great content - Project Management

Great content is competency-based

Technical education is about mastery of skills

Competency-based education is a method of teaching and assessment that is based on students demonstrating mastery of the skills they are expected to learn as they progress through their education.

Competency-based means that mastery of skills is the measure of success, not time spent in the classroom.

Once a student masters a competency, they move on to the next one.

This approach allows everyone to learn on their own terms, lowers stress for the student, and increases student success.

Great content is easy to organize

Our competency-based skills course library allows you to organize content into learning paths that align with:

  • Job descriptions
  • Organization-wide goals
  • Departmental goals
  • Academic programs
  • Employee advancement opportunities
  • Employee-defined learning goals
  • Compliance-driven learning goals

Each skills course in our library teaches a single competency, making it easy for you to create learning paths for every imaginable learning outcome.

Content organization is easy

Great Content is high-quality and low-cost

Cost is no longer a barrier to great education.

180 Skills is committed to making high-quality, online career and technical education available at the lowest possible cost.

Access for all is important to us.

Our low-cost enterprise pricing makes it possible for organizations of every size, large or small, to deliver great education to their employees and students.

Great content teaches technical and soft skills

Employers need employees who can be active members of highly collaborative teams.

The 180 Skills course library has over 150 baseline and soft skills courses that teach communication, conflict resolution, relationship-building, customer service, time management, and team-building skills.

Our library also includes skills courses to help students improve their math and computer skills; prepare for, obtain, and keep a great job; manage their personal finances; develop a personal brand; and develop great study skills.

Soft skills

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Great content is more than just online courses

Every online skills course includes pre and post-assessment exams, study materials for the student, and hands-on training work instructions to enable you perform hands-on training in your facility.

These learning assets are assembled together automatically when a learning path is created.

Component 1 Pre-learning assessment

Pre-learning assessment

Pre-learning assessments determine a student’s strengths, weaknesses, knowledge, and skills prior to instruction.

Component 2 Interactive content

Interactive content

Interactive, simulation-based content immerses the student in the subject matter.

Component 3 Student study guides

Student study guides

Student study guides help the student prepare for the assessment and certification exams.

Component 4 Post learning assessments

Post-learning assessment

Post-learning assessments ensure mastery is achieved by everyone.

Component 5 Certification exams

Certification exam testing

Where skills certification is required, we can create certification exams that align with the learning path.

Component 6 Hands-on training guides

Hands-on training guides

Most courses include illustrated work instructions for hands-on training performed at an employer or school.

Great content is industry- and academic-defined

All of our skills courses are created with industry and academic input — who better to define the real jobs?

Industry partners define the competencies. This means that our skills courses always align with real careers.

We also seek input from academic partners to ensure all of our courses align with academic standards.

Every skills course in our library is recognized as creditworthy by our college partners.

Great content = great careers

Technical education students

90% placement rate = 18,000 great careers and counting

Working with schools and companies, our graduates have enjoyed placement rates of over 90 percent.

We have helped over 18,000 people get great careers at more than 150 world-class companies including The Boeing Company, Learjet, Bombardier, and Honda Aircraft.