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Cost is no longer a barrier to skills training

Skills training system pricing

180 Skills is committed to making high-quality skills training available at the lowest possible cost.

Access for all is important to us

Our low-cost skills training system pricing makes it possible for organizations of every size, large or small, to deliver great education to their all of their employees or students.

The 180 Skills training system includes access to our entire library of manufacturing skills training courses and baseline skills courses.

Standard access plans are designed for partners who have their own learning management system. The full access option includes learning management system services and content organization services.

Schedule a customized 30-min demo and our specialists will help you understand:

  • How to use short-term skills training to create next-generation skilled workers
  • How competency-based skills training can be tailored to the needs of individual employers
  • How self-paced, online learning is effective in reaching non-traditional learners
  • How to build a sustainable, low-cost, high-quality talent development system.

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