Serve more, complete more, spend less

WIOA approved training for the workforce system

WIOA approved training for the workforce system

Create, grow, & employ a skilled workforce with the 180 Skills Training System

Federal, state and local workforce system education providers need a skills training program that works

Our course library of 700+ skills courses is organized to deliver WIOA and IET approved skills training programs for careers in manufacturing.
Accessible all day, every day.

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Serve More

Because our skills courses are online, competency-based, and self-paced, we impact learners that are left behind by traditional educational programs.

It’s all about access

Marginalized and nontraditional learners who have issues with transportation, child care, and schedules, are welcome in the 180 Skills Training System.

The doors to the school are always open

The learners we serve through our workforce partnerships have complicated lives that limit the amount of time they can spend in training.

Our doors are always open so that when they have an opportunity to learn, the education is there for them in that moment.

Joe Kitterman talks about how 180 Skills helps workforce professionals with limited resources reach more nontraditional learners with online skills training.

Complete More

WIOA approved training for the workforce system

Engage them in learning

Our skills courses engage the student and make them want to turn the page, see what’s next, persist, and complete.

Give them time to attain mastery

For our students, mastery of skills is the measure of success, not time spent in the classroom.

Our competency-based approach allows everyone to learn on their own terms, lowers stress for the student, and increases student success.

Spend less

Achieve your WIOA and IET goals for $25 per student per month

For $25 per month or less, you can deliver WIOA approved training for a fraction of the cost of traditional training programs. This means you can deliver high-quality skills training to more students than ever before.

Never worry about non-completers again

Our user fees are based upon the number of users in a calendar month.

If you have a student who decides not to complete, you can deactivate them and give their user license to another student.

$25 per user per month

WIOA approved training for the workforce system

Adult Ed

Our Career Programs are ETPL registered and proven as an IET solution.


Organize our courses to retrain workers who have or are going to lose their current employment.


Deliver workforce preparation training to out-of-school youth.


Offer veterans and exiting military personnel flexible training to prepare for new careers.


Use our IET approved Career Programs to prepare individuals for re-entry into the workforce.

Eligible Training Provider Approved

We have 12 Career Program learning paths that are ETPL approved.

Career programs can be completed in three months or less with 15 hours of study per week.

Each Career Program offers the student an industry-recognized credential opportunity.

180 Skills is accredited by the Indiana Office of Career and Technical Services as an Occupational and Career School.

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Industry-recognized credential opportunity

Students who complete our Career Programs have the opportunity to earn an industry-recognized credential. Certification exams are delivered through our testing partner SpaceTEC.

SpaceTEC is the National Science Foundation’s National Resource Center that promotes and educates candidates for technical employment. Its certification programs offer performance-based examinations that result in industry-driven nationally recognized credentials that reflect the competencies employers demand.

180 Skills / SpaceTEC Certifications are industry-recognized nationwide. These Certifications let employers know that you have attained the highest level of achievement in the subject matter.

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