180 Skills is pleased to welcome Oberg Industries to the our family of employer partners.

Oberg and 180 Skills have partnered to expand the capacity of the Oberg CNC apprenticeship programs, and to offer both new and veteran employees enhanced training options that will help them get up to speed quicker than traditional training methods.

Oberg is a leader in apprenticeship programs that offer great opportunities to young people who are looking for a great career in manufacturing.

The Oberg Apprenticeship Training Program is a competency-based program certified by the US Department of Labor and the Veterans Administration and was established in 1953 to guarantee that the company would maintain future generations of highly skilled workers.

Oberg currently offers more than a dozen Apprenticeship Programs.

Joe O’Brien, Director of Human Resources at Oberg, said “We  had our own apprentice instructors and staff members test drive the 180 Skills system before  making the investment. It was a unanimous decision!  180 Skills was far superior to any other program we had used in the past. The training system differentiated itself with its multiple learning methodologies, the requirement of achieving course mastery before moving to the next level, while providing a modern and aesthetically pleasing learning experience.”

“We are pleased to have Oberg join us as employer partner. They are visionary in their approach

to learning and development and see the 180 Skills Training System as critical part of their future growth and success of the company.” said Joe Kitterman, CEO 180 Skills.

About Oberg

Founded in 1948, Oberg Industries has manufactured precision components and tooling made from a variety of materials used by Fortune 500 companies and other leading manufacturers throughout the world. Oberg excels at developing creative manufacturing solutions using a blend of advanced manufacturing practices and cutting-edge methods of production to give their customers a competitive advantage.