Indianapolis, Ind. (August 20, 2021) — 180 Skills has added five new skills courses to its online content library that provide an introduction to additive manufacturing technology. These courses were developed in response to growing demand from manufacturers for a way to easily train employees in the basics of the additive process. Effective immediately, all 180 Skills customers have access to:

  • ADM-1002 Introduction to Metal 3D Printing
  • ADM-1003 Introduction to Powder Bed Fusion
  • ADM-1004 Introduction to Binder Jetting
  • ADM-1005 Introduction to Directed Energy Deposition
  • ADM-1006 Introduction to Bound Metal Deposition

Customers can assign these additive manufacturing courses individually to specific team members and new hires, or incorporate them into learning paths designed to upskill or reskill employees.

“Manufacturers were already facing a shortage of skilled workers when the labor market entered its current, highly competitive stage,” says Joe Kitterman, CEO of 180 Skills. “For our customers, we are a lifeline, helping them upskill any individual to become a productive employee and allowing them to easily build paths to advancement that make current employees less likely to leave. We listen closely to our customers and are constantly developing and adding skills courses that provide tangible benefits to their organizations.”

The 180 Skills platform currently offers nearly 800 courses organized into four broad categories: technical skills, quality skills, risk management & compliance skills and workplace & soft skills. Customers can administer these courses via the included learning management system (LMS), or their own LMS if one is already in place.

Companies interested in the 180 Skills training system or learning more about courses on additive manufacturing technologies can contact or request a free demo at

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