COVID-19 Open america training

Course license request form

There are three steps to get your learners enrolled in the Open America courses.


Step One

Review the course descriptions and determine how many  employees you wish to enroll in each course.

For detailed descriptions visit our COVID-19 Training page


Step Two

Complete the Organization Course License Request form below.


Step Three

You will receive an email with a link to our self-enrollment page and coupon codes for your learners.
The coupon codes will allow your learners to self-enroll and access the courses you have chosen for them.

Organization Course License Request Form

  • This is the code provided to you by your community college or partner organizationr. Please refer to the email you received from them for the code.

For Employees

COV-1001: COVID-19 Returning to work

This course should be selected for all learners who are returning to work, and those who need training on how to protect themselves and those they work and live with.
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For Employers

COV-1002: COVID-19 Employer Workplace Guidance

This course should be selected for all company managers who will  have to manage the process of ensuring the workplace is safe and meets OSHA and CDC guidelines.

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