Central Piedmont Community College’s (CPCC) Non-Destructive Examination Technology (NDET) program has added two online training courses to its already impressive list of class offerings – Introduction to NDE and Visual Testing. These additions make CPCC the only community college in the Southeast to offer online NDET training programs to professionals seeking an easier, more flexible and convenient way to learn a variety of NDET fundamentals.

The online programs bring together CPCC’s quality NDET curriculum and 180 Skills LLC’s innovative technology. Together, this powerful combination will create unique training courses that will not only introduce professionals to NDET terminology, processes and applications, but also define for them the advantages and disadvantages of using various NDET methods.

“We’re excited about the addition of our new online courses which will allow students to learn on their schedule and master the content at their pace,” said Jay Potter, dean of CPCC’s Harper Campus. “Thanks to 180 Skills LLC, we are better equipped to help build stronger NDET teams across the region, providing Charlotte business and industry with a more skilled employee pool that is capable of improving their business processes and developing quality products.”

”The combination of the CPCC NDET curriculum with the 180 Skills online learning technology enables CPCC to deliver world-class content to a global audience,” said Joe Kitterman, CEO of 180 Skills. “It’s exciting to be a part of education innovation that is focused on increasing student outcomes.”

Non-Destructive Examination Technology or NDET is a form of examining a material or part without damaging the component. NDET methods are used to find hidden imperfections, flaws or damage. These are then compared to standards, established by sound engineering principles, to determine if the part can continue in service. NDET often is a routine part of design, manufacture and in-service testing performed to better establish and assess the reliability of a component in its design function.

The Introduction to NDE course is a 40-hour class that gives students access to the materials for six months, either on their computer, iPad or mobile device. The curriculum focuses on NDET materials and material failures, manufacturing systems and processes, the testing of material properties, and NDET process methods, including fracture mechanics.

“Given the course content, this training is perfect for managers, supervisors, engineers, quality inspectors, procurement, source inspectors and technical personnel involved within the NDET field,” said Dick Hooper, chair of CPCC’s NDET program. “We look forward to hosting all of these individuals on our campus and helping them build a stronger, more robust NDET foundation.”

Students may enroll in the online, 40-hour Visual Testing class, which includes a separate on-site practicum. During this class, students may apply industry theories and knowledge to hands-on learning experiences, providing each of them with a greater understanding of NDE concepts and principles.

The cost of CPCC’s new Introduction to NDET online training course is $495. The Visual Testing class is $695, and the practicum is $595. To learn more, please visit www.cpcc.edu/ndet/onlinetraining. To register, call 704.330.4223.