If you want to sustain long-term business growth, you need your employees to engage at work and perform to the best of their ability. One way to accomplish this is by providing your employees with quality learning and development opportunities. And while there are a variety of L&D options available, this post focuses on the benefits of online training for employees.

1. Saves Employers Money

While in-person training can cost thousands per employee, e-learning costs dollars. After all, there are no employee travel expenses, venue rental fees, or material printing costs. Plus, the on-demand nature of online learning makes it convenient and affordable to train your employees regularly or whenever they need a new skill.

2. Maintains Employee Productivity

Online skills training not only eliminates travel costs but also keeps your employees productive. Instead of spending days in an instructor-led training session, employees can learn a new competency at work in less than an hour. And given that online skills training is flexible, employees can learn around their work priorities and pause whenever an emergency project arises.

According to an IBM study, every dollar invested in online training yields $30 in productivity, mainly because employees are able to resume their work faster.

3. Reduces Learning Time

One of the biggest challenges for employees to participate in skills training is time. Studies show that online training can reduce an employee’s learning time by up to 60%. Yet, while online skills training requires a lot less time, employees still need to have space for it. Research shows that workers get interrupted every 11 minutes. With online training, you can convert hour-long sessions into shorter learning segments (also known as microlearning) to allow for interruptions.

According to a Brandon-Hall Study, online learning typically requires 40% to 60% less employee time than learning the same material in a traditional in-person setting.

4. Covers More Competencies

Online training platforms have the flexibility and scalability to teach more skills to more employees than in-person training. For example, 180 Skills subscribers have 24/7 access to nearly 800 online courses that teach skills related to metalworking, Microsoft Office, project management, workplace communication, and so much more!

5. Addresses All Skill Levels

In-person training often teaches at a speed that accommodates the least knowledgeable person in the room. So, if you have a lower-skilled worker learning alongside a higher-skilled worker, the latter often doesn’t gain the level of knowledge they had hoped for. With online skills training, however, you can efficiently and effectively meet the specific learning needs of employees at every level of your organization.

6. Enhances Learning Retention

For most employees, it’s tough to retain information from all-day training sessions. Therefore, many companies use online courses to provide employees with just-in-time training. It’s an approach that allows employees to learn a new competency and immediately apply it on the job—all of which promotes knowledge retention.

Furthermore, online training promotes knowledge retention by addressing various learning styles and allowing employees to review course material as often as they want. It also helps when online skills courses feature knowledge checks and require employees to pass a final assessment.

According to The Research Institute of America, online learning increases retention rates from 25% to 60%, whereas in-person training retention rates are from 8% to 10%.

7. Eliminates the Fear Factor

In-person training sessions are often considered high-risk learning environments. Why? Because many employees won’t ask questions or seek clarification for fear of looking ‘dumb’ in front of their peers. As a result, they leave training none the wiser and lose interest in future development opportunities. Conversely, there’s no judgment with online skills training.

8. Decreases Employee Turnover

Online training for employees is an affordable way to make skills development and career advancement part of your company culture. Through training, employees become more vested in your business and are less likely to leave. 


According to an Artículo emprendedor, 40% of employees who don’t receive adequate training end up leaving their job within a year.






The Best Online Training for Employees

180 Skills makes it easy for you to make high-quality, low-cost online skills training part of your business operations. Applicable to a variety of industry segments and employees of all skill levels, our turnkey training solution has everything you need to create, grow, and retain a skilled workforce.

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• Workplace and Soft Skills
• Technical Skills
• Risk Management and Compliance Skills
• Quality and Continuous Improvement Skills

Developed under the principle that great content matters, our short-term, self-paced skills courses present information in a way that any learner can absorb. We also ensure skills mastery by closing each course with a thorough assessment that requires a perfect score for completion.

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