Indianapolis, Ind. (November 4, 2021) — As the demand for soft skills in the workplace continues to grow, 180 Skills has added eight new problem-solving skills courses to its online training platform.

Starting this month, all 180 Skills customers have access to:

• PRB-1001 Introduction to Problem-Solving
• PRB-1002 Developing Your Problem-Solving Skills
• PRB-1003 Defining the Problem
• PRB-1004 Identifying Possible Solutions
• PRB-1005 Evaluating and Choosing a Solution
• PRB-1006 Implementing the Solution
• PRB-1007 Assessing the Solution
• PRB-1008 Avoiding Common Problem-Solving Mistakes

With the addition of these problem-solving courses, 180 Skills now has more than 175 online skills courses in its workplace and soft skills training category. Other topics covered within this category include critical thinking, effective communication, teamwork, and time management.

“Research points to a massive deficit of soft skills in today’s workforce, and it is becoming a disruptive force for many of our customers,” said Joe Kitterman, CEO of 180 Skills. “Hence, we are quickly growing our online skills training library so that our customers can strategically respond to the disruption.”

180 Skills customers can assign soft skills courses to new hires as part of their onboarding process or create learning pathways to reskill or upskill their employees. The 180 Skills online training system houses nearly 800 technical and non-technical skills courses essential to creating, developing, and retaining a quality workforce.

Employers, community colleges, and workforce agencies interested in the 180 Skills training system can contact or request a free demo en