Are you an Indiana resident?

The first step in your training journey is to enroll at 

Are you an Indiana Employer?

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Indiana Rapid Recovery Training for Indiana Residents

In partnership with 180 Skills, the State of Indiana is making skills training resources available to Indiana residents.

This initiative will enable Hoosiers to have access to the 180 Skills library of skills training courses.

The goal of Indiana Rapid Recovery is to help people acquire the skills necessary for employment, and to grow the skills they need to advance in their current job.

 Indiana Rapid Recovery is free to all Indiana residents.

How to get started with your free skills training

The start of your skills training journey begins here. 

You can self-enroll in three different types of skills training programs.

Are you currently unemployed and need a job?


If you are out-of-work and need a new career opportunity, Career Launch Programs are the place to start. Our Career Launch Programs were organized by workforce professionals to help people get the skills needed for employment in the shortest amount of time. There are six in-demand occupations to choose from.

These programs are the first step to a learner’s career journey, and once completed can be followed with more advanced learning programs like the 180 Skills Career Programs.

Are you currently working but need a better paying job?


Career Programs are the most comprehensive programs of study we offer. Our Career Programs were created with our nationwide network of industry partners.

They are aligned with great jobs in the manufacturing sector.

There are thirteen Career Programs available and each can be completed in three months or less with 15 hours of study per week.

Want to improve your skills for your present job?


Skill Groups allow you the flexibility to choose the learning that’s right for you and your career journey. Skill groups are individual skills courses grouped together to help you achieve mastery of a complete skill set.

There are 150 discrete skills you can achieve including technical, employability, soft skills, career building, and software skills.

Download the catalogs

Career Launch Program Catalog

Download the Career Launch Programs Catalog

Certification Programs Catalog

Download the Career Programs Catalog

Skill Courses Catalog

Download the Skills Groups Catalog

How to Get Started

The steps below will guide you through the login and program selection process.

Please take a moment to review these before you login the first time.


Signup at the state website


Open the Welcome Email from 180 Skills

This email includes a link to setup your 180 Skills learning account.


Complete the two courses on your homepage.

  • STU-102 Using a Learning Management System
  • STU-103 Learning Online


Click on the Content Library button on the left side menu bar

This will display all of the learning content you can access.


Find your training program

On the left side of the screen you will see the Tags box. Tags enable you to filter the training content based upon your training needs. Each tag has a checkbox. To filter the course selections, click on the tag check box and the course list will update with your selection.

To enroll in a Career Launch Program, select the tag for career_launch_programs.

To enroll in a Certification Program, select the tag for certification_programs.

To enroll in Skill Groups, select the tag for the Skill Group you wish to learn.


Click on the program you wish to take


Click on the Start this Learning Path button


Start your training!

The next time you login the program you selected will be available on your home page.

You will now be enrolled in the program you have selected.

The next time you log into the system, the program you selected will be available on your home page. To start a new program, repeat steps one through six.

The State of Indiana is investing in your recovery and your future

As and Indiana resident you have an opportunity to access world-class training programs for free.

These training programs can help you:

  • get a new job
  • get a better job
  • grow in your current job

This is unique opportunity to grow your skills and yourself.

Need Assistance With Anything?

If you need help with your training journey, please contact 180 Skills directly at:


Indiana Department of Workforce Development
Office for Career and Technical Schools
10 North Senate Avenue, Suite SE 308
Indianapolis, IN 46204