Thoughts to start the new year

In the manufacturing community, lack of skilled workers continues to top the list of corporate concerns.  With record low unemployment rates, the number of “skilled” workers who are “looking” for work is almost zero.

As you begin a new year I challenge you to consider a new talent development strategy for 2018:

Stop “looking” and start “growing”.

In 2017 we helped manufacturing companies, associations, and state agencies transform their learning strategy from a classroom / OJT-based system to an on-demand, competency-based approach. These clients now enjoy the ability to deliver focused, competency-based, technical education, 24 hours per day, seven days a week to learners at all levels.

Unskilled candidates are welcomed with open arms because these organizations have the learning tools to transform them into a “skilled” production technician in less time that it used to take them to teach basic safety.

Make sure you read about our Adult Education graduates who, against all odds have completed Career Programs in manufacturing. This is a miraculous achievement and one we are proud to be a part of. As  you read this think about how this opens  your horizon in terms of where you look for future employees.

As you begin this new year, I would ask all of you to consider the role your organization could play in transforming the unskilled candidate into a dedicated, highly-skilled employee.

High-quality, low-cost, digital learning tools make it possible for great employers to become great educators.
May your 2018 be the greatest year ever.

Joe Kitterman

1,800 students get jobs in the aerospace industry in Seattle.

The Washington Aerospace Training & Research Center (WATR) reported in December that the total number of graduates employed in the Seattle aerospace industry has topped 1,800.

For more than eight years, WATR, a part of Edmonds Community College, has been delivering hybrid online and lab based programs that help students go from the street to a career in less than 12 weeks.

“We are so proud to be a part of this program that is transforming lives in the Northwest.” said Jennifer McNelly, President of 180 Skills. “These programs give students an option to start a great career with a minimal investment of time and money. For students who aren’t sure what they want to be, this is a great launching point.”

36 Adult Education Students complete 180 Skills Career Programs.

17 achieve industry-recognized certification.
180 Skills would like to congratulate 36 Adult Education students who completed Career Programs in 2017. 17 of these individuals also achieved industry-recognized Certifications from CertTec.

Funded by the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, these students enrolled in 180 Skills Career Programs concurrently with their High School Equivalency education program. “This was a big commitment for these students.” said Joe Kitterman, CEO 180 Skills. “They have so much going on in their lives, taking on additional work requires real dedication.”

Graduates completed programs in Advanced Manufacturing, Aerospace Quality, Aerospace Structures, CNC Lathe and CNC Machining Center, Drafting & CAD, Mechatronics & Industrial Automation, Quality Assurance, and Safety.

We want to thank our Indiana Adult Education Provider partners. Without their dedication and tireless efforts these success stories would not be possible.

Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce sponsors manufacturing education for local employers.

The Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce has partnered with 180 Skills and local employers to launch a pilot manufacturing education program.

The purpose of the program is to provide affordable, customized, and flexible training options for the current and future workforce.

The goal of the  partnership is to expand the consortium’s portfolio of training to offer company-defined technical skills development, learning paths by job description, 24/7 Access to training, and to reduce the cost and time of classroom training.

Jackson Area Manufacturers Association and the Academy for Manufacturing Careers launch 180 Skills programs.

The Jackson Area Manufacturers Association (JAMA) and the Academy of Manufacturing Careers (AMC)  have partnered with 180 Skills to build the entry-level manufacturing workforce in south-central Michigan.

Initial deployment will focus on high school partnerships with a goal to expand the model to align to the Academy for Manufacturing Careers training programs including apprenticeship, certificate, and customized training for manufacturers in the region.

The Academy for Manufacturing Careers is a Skilled Trades Related Technical Instruction (RTI) registered apprenticeship and customized training program designed by manufacturers to meet the needs of manufacturers across south-central Michigan and delivered in partnership with the Jackson Area Manufacturers Association.