As part of the Aerospace Manufacturing Technology course, students can earn a tooling certification. This popular course covers topics including, but not limited to: Precision Instruments, Basic Drilling, Countersinking, and Power Island Equipment.

By participating in classroom discussions, working with detailed modules from the unique 180 Skills Library, and performing hands-on applications in the lab, students receive a well-rounded education in the field of Aerospace Manufacturing Technology.

At the end of the course, students have a variety of program outcomes they are expected to demonstrate:

  • An understanding of teamwork.
  • A working knowledge of precision measuring tools.
  • Practical knowledge of hand tools and associated safety procedures
  • Practical knowledge of safety and quality control in drilling, installing fasteners, and inspecting installations in aerospace assembly.
  • Practical knowledge to interpret and apply the principles of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing as they apply to the manufacture of products.

And more. . .

This course and related programs of study are currently available at Wichita Area Technical College and Washington Aerospace Training and Research Center.