college skills training initiative

Academic institutions need high-quality, competency-based, skills training that accelerates their transition to more flexible, sustainable options for faculty and learners.

The course of the American community college has changed

Over the past year and a half, 180 Skills has worked closely with academic institutions across the country, helping them make career-aligned skills training integral to their educational offerings.

The Path Forward initiative represents our commitment to applying what we’ve learned to help an even greater number of educators.


During this time together we have:

  • Shifted learning from ground-based to 100% online delivery
  • Transitioned from curricula-based programming to skills-based, career-aligned programming
  • Ensured that all learning is 100% accessible online

It’s time to navigate towards skills-based education 

While the pandemic has taken post-secondary education delivery in a new direction, employers are starting to shift their hiring practices to focus more on skills than degrees. 

Schools must adapt their workforce education programs to meet the needs of the employers and learners in the communities they serve—or risk getting left behind.  

By partnering with 180 Skills, your institution can easily and affordably make career-aligned online skills training part of its educational offerings.

Short-Term Training

We provide high-quality, short-term skills training that gets learners into middle-skills jobs in weeks, not months.

Job-Specific Skills Courses

We offer nearly 800 competency-based skills courses that teach essential technical and non-technical skills.


Online Flexibility

We provide asynchronous, self-paced training that can shift ground-based learning models to 100% online delivery.

The Path Forward Offering

Through the Path Forward initiative, we are offering to our current and future college partners the opportunity to have access to the 180 Skills library of more than 780 competency-based, credit-aligned, skills training courses at a cost of $20 per-learner, per-year.

That’s $1.67 per-learner, per-month for access to our award-winning library of essential, technical and non-technical skills including:

  • Workplace and soft skills – 171 skills courses
  • Technical skills for manufacturing and logistics – 526 skills courses
  • Risk management and compliance skills – 41 skills courses
  • Quality and continuous improvement skills – 47 skills courses

Per Learner Per Year



Academic Programs

Workforce Programs

Business and Industry Programs

High School Programs

Integrate skills courses into your academic programs to offer students additional learning options.

Organize skills courses to align with regional occupational training needs.

Offer local businesses learning paths that align with their needs, including pre and post-hire education.

Offer local high schools career-focused training programs.

How to Participate

To participate in the Path Forward initiative, college partners must commit to a minimum of 1,000 learners and a term of two years.

We are hopeful that you will not limit this to a select few, but will make our library available to every learner you serve.

1,000 learner minimum

Two year commitment

Access to the entire 180 Skills library

Delivered on your LMS or ours

Concierge client support and startup assistance

Meet with us to learn more

We would love to meet with you and your team to share more about the Path Forward initiative, and to learn more about your unique needs and challenges.

Please complete the form and one of our learning specialists will arrange a meeting.

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