Skills Training for Associations

Give your members a benefit that helps them with their biggest problem

Industry-based associations are constantly challenged to make certain that the issues facing their members companies are addressed. The number one concern for industry association members today is finding and keeping a skilled workforce.

Progressive associations are working on behalf of their members to identify the best-in-class online skills training and making these resources available through association sponsored engagements.

America’s leading manufacturing associations have consistently chosen 180 Skills as the best-in-class for skills training.

The 180 Skills Training System gives associations an ideal platform for rapid integration into the association business model. It’s the perfect employee skills training software for today’s manufacturer  who expects training to be quick, relevant, and easy to access from any device.

The 180 Skills training system makes the deployment of an association skills training system simple and productive. It’s engineered for training success and is designed for today’s enterprises.

We help associations keep member needs in mind while also identifying what’s important for the association at large.

Help your members solve their number one problem with 180 Skills.

Choose 180 Skills for association training

Our association partners benefit from lower costs, higher levels of engagement, and more flexible options for their membership.

Rapid implementation

The 180 Skills Training System can be deployed in less than one day on our LMS or in a few days on yours. Our implementation team trains you on the learning management system and how to organize our skills course library to align with your training needs.

Scalability and flexibility

To train multiple member companies, you need a solution that scales to large numbers of users and offers limitless flexibility in how the learning program is managed and delivered.

Skills Courses for Every Member

The 180 Skills course library offers more than 800 relevant, skills courses to help member employees master essential technical and non-technical subjects. Offer your members programs in technical skills, personal development, communication, computer skills, conflict management, health and safety, and many more.

Tracking and reporting

Utilize built-in reports to track employees’ training activities, learning progress, and measure the success of the training program based on course completions, quiz results, and content access.

Compliance management

180 Skills enables you to manage toward key industry compliance training requirements including OSHA, ISO, and other regulatory mandates.

Toughest security

The 180 Skills platform securely stores your content and user information behind a hardware firewall. All data is transferred over HTTPS and keyed with a private certificate. Add to that data encryption, strict authentication and application security, and updates that occur with little to no impact on users.

Quizzes and assessments

Benchmark knowledge retention and reinforce concepts with competency-based testing of learners after each skill course.

Easy for non-technical learners

Even employees with limited software experience can easily navigate the 180 Skills Training System and swiftly complete courses. Our graphically focused skills courses engage people in the content rather than frustrating them with the learning system itself.

It’s time to solve your manufacturing workforce talent problem once and for all.