Career and Technical Education

Give your students high-quality, career-aligned, accessible education options
Career and technical education (CTE) has undergone significant changes in the past few years. According to the ACTE, prior to the pandemic, many schools had already considered teaching some aspects of CTE remotely to provide equitable access to more learners.

The pandemic’s impact on CTE programs has led others to rethink how such courses will be delivered in the future with the help of technology.

Our high-quality, engaging CTE programs are a cost-effective option for many schools dealing with budget cuts and the pandemic’s economic impact in the coming years

Online skills training offers students the flexibility to learn from practically anywhere and at their own pace. They can also stay engaged in their skills training and extend what they learn in the classroom with engaging, online learning opportunities they can access from home.

Transitioning traditional CTE programs into self-paced, competency-based, formats helps students develop the skills needed for workplace success.

Expand your high-quality, low-cost, online CTE skills training options with 180 Skills.

Choose 180 Skills for Career & Technical Education

Our CTE partners benefit from lower costs, higher levels of student engagement, and more flexible options for their learners.

Skills Courses for Every Student

The 180 Skills course library offers more than 800 relevant, skills courses to help students master essential technical and non-technical subjects. Offer your students programs in technical skills, personal development, communication, computer skills, conflict management, health and safety, and many more.

Easy for non-technical learners

Even students with limited software experience can easily navigate the 180 Skills Training System and swiftly complete courses. Our graphically focused skills courses engage people in the content rather than frustrating them with the learning system itself.

Customizable learning paths

The 180 Skills LMS enables you to create customized, standards-aligned, learning paths for each of your CTE programs. Once established, giving your students career- focused learning opportunities is a one-click task.

Tracking and reporting

Utilize built-in reports to track the learner’s training activities, learning progress, and measure the success of the training program based on course completions, quiz results, and content access.

Rapid implementation

The 180 Skills Training System can be deployed in less than one day on our LMS or in a few days on yours. Our implementation team trains you on the learning management system and how to organize our skills course library to align with your training needs.

Anywhere, anytime, any device

It’s important to enable your students to learn wherever they are, in a way that best supports their learning style. 180 Skills is there 24/7 and can be downloaded for offline access.

Quizzes and assessments

Benchmark knowledge retention and reinforce concepts with competency-based testing of learners after each skill course.

Accessibility for all

180 Skills empowers you to make education more accessible and strive toward the goal of “education for all.” Our platform removes barriers for students who may be restricted by geographical distance, remote location, physical limitation (ADA) or other special need.

It’s time to solve your manufacturing workforce talent problem once and for all.