Skills Training  for Colleges

Expand your credit and non-credit, short-term, occupation-aligned programs

Post-secondary skills training is rapidly evolving to include more and more short-term, credential-bearing, career-aligned skills training programs that stack toward the larger goal of degree attainment.

Students today are seeking shorter-term programs that help them improve their income earning potential. These programs need to give the student the ability to earn certificates, digital badges, or an industry-recognized credentials that have real marketplace value.

Knowing which online content to blend with on campus curricula can be a daunting task.

We help our academic partners rapidly deploy blended and online-only curricula that teaches job-relevant skills in high demand.

Every course in the 180 Skills course library was developed with input from our academic partners  including academic assessments of credit. Our industry-recognized credentials are ready to deploy and are WIOA approved for use in your local workforce system.

The 180 Skills Training System gives you the flexibility to rapidly deploy competency-based, skills training programs that are aligned with the employment opportunities in your region.

We make the development and delivery of skills training programs simple and productive. It’s engineered for training success and is designed for today’s progressive academic institutions.

We help you keep the institution’s needs in mind while also identifying what’s important for the student and the community at large.

Give your students more high-quality, skills training options with 180 Skills.

Choose 180 Skills for  Skills Training

180 Skills Training System is the number one choice for post-secondary schools because it gives them all the tools they need to help their students grow and prosper. The key features are:

Skills Courses for Every Student

The 180 Skills course library offers more than 800 relevant, skills courses to help students master essential technical and non-technical subjects. Offer your students programs in technical skills, personal development, communication, computer skills, conflict management, health and safety, and many more.

Easy for non-technical learners

Even students with limited software experience can easily navigate the 180 Skills Training System and swiftly complete courses. Our graphically focused skills courses engage people in the content rather than frustrating them with the learning system itself.

Anywhere, anytime, any device

It’s important to enable your students to learn wherever they are, in a way that best supports their learning style. 180 Skills is there 24/7 and can be downloaded for offline access.

Compatible with any LMS

Our SCORM compliant skills courses can be delivered to any LMS. Setup is quick and easy and each skills course includes the course, assessment exams, student study guides, and instructor training plans.

Rapid implementation

The 180 Skills Training System can be deployed in less than one day on our LMS or in a few days on yours. Our implementation team trains you on the learning management system and how to organize our skills course library to align with your training needs.

Quizzes and assessments

Benchmark knowledge retention and reinforce concepts with competency-based testing of learners after each skill course.

Accessibility for all

180 Skills empowers you to make education more accessible and strive toward the goal of “education for all.” Our platform removes barriers for students who may be restricted by geographical distance, remote location, physical limitation (ADA) or other special need.

It’s time to solve your manufacturing workforce talent problem once and for all.