Workforce Skills Training

Reach more people with higher-quality, online skills training without increasing your expenses

The demands on workforce agencies to provide access to short-term, occupation-aligned, skills training are greater than any other time in history. The sheer volume of  claimants has created the need for a one-stop skills training partner who can quickly deploy a low-cost, comprehensive, WIOA-approved, skills training system that can serve a diverse population and meet the demands of local employers.

Workforce agencies need a skills training partner who can deliver short-term, credential-bearing, occupation-aligned skills training programs that offer the learner an opportunity for employment in their local region.

The 180 Skills Training System enables our workforce partners to deliver certificates, digital badges, or industry-recognized credentials that have real marketplace value.

All of our skills courses and certification programs are WIOA approved.

Every course in the 180 Skills course library was developed with input from our industry partners which means they are aligned with real jobs. Our industry-recognized credentials are ready to deploy and are WIOA approved for use in your local workforce system.

Our state recovery programs are helping states serve a wide range of recipients including:

  • COVID-impacted residents
  • Employers
  • Adult basic education IET programs
  • Vocational rehabilitation skills training programs
  • At-risk youth skills training programs

The 180 Skills Training System gives you the flexibility to quickly launch competency-based, skills training programs that are aligned with laser focus to the employment opportunities in your region.

Offer more people in need high-quality, online skills training and lower your costs with 180 Skills.

Choose 180 Skills for Workforce Skills Training

Our workforce partners choose 180 Skills because it enables them to quickly deploy a WIOA-aligned, low-cost skills training system that helps people get and keep great careers.

Skills Courses for Every Student

The 180 Skills course library offers more than 800 relevant, skills courses to help students master essential technical and non-technical subjects. Offer your students programs in technical skills, personal development, communication, computer skills, conflict management, health and safety, and many more.

Easy for non-technical learners

Even students with limited software experience can easily navigate the 180 Skills Training System and swiftly complete courses. Our graphically focused skills courses engage people in the content rather than frustrating them with the learning system itself.

Tracking and reporting

Utilize built-in reports to track the learner’s training activities, learning progress, and measure the success of the training program based on course completions, quiz results, and content access.

Rapid implementation

The 180 Skills Training System can be deployed in less than one day on our LMS or in a few days on yours. Our implementation team trains you on the learning management system and how to organize our skills course library to align with your training needs.

Scalability and flexibility

To train diverse workforces, you need a solution that scales to large numbers of users and offers limitless flexibility in how the learning program is managed and delivered.

Anywhere, anytime, any device

It’s important to enable your students to learn wherever they are, in a way that best supports their learning style. 180 Skills is there 24/7 and can be downloaded for offline access.

Quizzes and assessments

Benchmark knowledge retention and reinforce concepts with competency-based testing of learners after each skill course.

Accessibility for all

180 Skills empowers you to make education more accessible and strive toward the goal of “education for all.” Our platform removes barriers for students who may be restricted by geographical distance, remote location, physical limitation (ADA) or other special need.

It’s time to solve your manufacturing workforce talent problem once and for all.