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Since June of 2020, 180 Skills has launched more than 180,000 learners to help our state partners accelerate their recovery initiatives.

Our Skills Training System includes everything you need to deliver, monitor, and administer skills training at scale. Our learning technology was designed to ensure large scale implementations are seamless and fast.

From 5,000 learners to 500,000, we can have your state recovery program going in as little as four weeks.

The 180 Skills State Recovery Model

With our library of over 800, career-focused, competency-based, online skills courses, we are helping states reduce unemployment insurance claims and increase employment in essential industry sectors.

Our state partners are focusing their economic development and recovery initiatives on four key stakeholder groups:

1. COVID-impacted residents
2. Employers
3. Workforce agencies
4. Academic institutions

COVID-Impacted Residents

The 180 Skills course library has been organized by our state partners to align with:

  • Short-term, career aligned training programs that enable residents to acquire employment skills in less than 40 hours
  • Certification programs that can be completed in three months or less that align with in-demand middle-skills jobs
  • Incumbent workers skills courses that help people move to higher paying roles in their company

Residents self-enroll in these programs and there is no need for external administration.


Employer vitality is an essential part of any State’s economic recovery. Our State partners have made our entire library of online skills courses available to every employer in their state.

Each employer receives a private team space on our learning management system, and we help each employer organize our skills course library  to align with their unique needs.

Through these programs, employers have the tools they need to create, grow, and retain their skilled workforces.

Workforce Agencies

180 Skills WIOA-aligned, online skills training programs have proven to be highly effective for  workforce boards who need to deliver high-volume skills training to residents who are unable to attend traditional training.

Workforce benefit recipients have the option of short-term online skills training programs that get them job-ready in 40 hours or less, as well as credential-bearing Career Programs that can be completed in three months or less.

Our low-cost platform helps our workforce partners serve more with less.

Workforce stakeholder groups our state partners are serving include:

  • Displaced workers
  • Adult basic education
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Veterans
  • Jobs for America’s Graduates

State Academic Institutions

State partners have made our library available to all of the colleges in their state. This has enabled  schools to get high-quality, online skills programs going in days, not weeks or months.

All of our skills courses can be delivered for-credit, or as non-credit workforce training.

Low-cost means expanded impact

180 Skills is committed to making access for all a reality.

Our low-cost pricing model means your recovery allocations can reach more people than you ever dreamed possible.

For as little as $20 per-learner, you can get your state on the road to recovery.

180 Skills Pricing for State Partners


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See Our State Work in Action

For more information about some of our state recovery initiatives, visit the links below.

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